Taxes and Spending:

Randy believes that Government if left to itself will continue to grow and
consume more taxpayer dollars. As our Delegate, he will identify and
eliminate wasteful spending and will demand strict accountability for how
our tax dollars are spent.

Randy has committed to keep taxes low and knows instinctively that taxes
move the hard-earned dollars of Virginians from an efficient decision-making
body, the Family, to a far less efficient one, the Government. As our
Delegate, Randy will keep taxes low to foster the creation of jobs, thriving
businesses and farms, and fight the intrusion of government into our lives.


Randy will work for good, high-paying jobs for Northern Virginia families.
He understands that businesses can only create jobs when taxes are low and
limited government principles are observed. As a committed Republican who
has served in Governor McDonnell’s Administration to create jobs, keep taxes
low, and protect Virginia families, Randy will never allow Virginia’s Right
to Work laws to be weakened.

Second Amendment:

Randy is an NRA Life Member, gun owner, and sportsman. He will always
protect the people¹s right to keep and bear arms in full exercise of the
Second Amendment.


Randy will work to improve our congested regional roadways through
thoughtful and appropriate public transportation infrastructure. Randy
strongly supported Governor McDonnell¹s legislation approved this past
session to bring $4 Billion in new transportation investment to identified
problem areas in our region without a tax increase.


Randy is an advocate for alternative energy innovation and use of
clean-burning natural gas for electric power production and supports
Governor McDonnell’s call for responsible oil exploration efforts off the
coast of Virginia.

Human Life:

Randy is pro-life and believes that human life begins at conception. He
will oppose the use of taxpayer dollars for abortion funding and supports
parental notification laws.

Illegal Immigration:

Randy knows that a primary duty of the federal government is to protect our
national borders and believes that the federal government’s failure to do so
has led to illegal immigration, gang activity, and increased crime. Randy
supports local government efforts to remedy these federal government
shortcomings such as the “Rule of Law Resolution” recently adopted by Prince
William County.


  • David Ives says:

    Any endorsements yet?

  • Jay L. Marts says:

    Love to have you come & speak at one of our TEA Party meetings

    Aug 18, 2011 – NSV-TP Members Meet @ Berryville
    Sep 15, 2011 – NSV-TP Members Meet @ Berryville
    Oct 20, 2011 – NSV-TP Members Meet @ Berryville

  • The Bowman Libraryin Stephens City, a library in our regional system, is in the 10th District. I see that Joe May endorsed you. He has been a great supporter of public libraries. I would be happy to talk to you about libraries, Please email or call (540 336-1593). Thanks & congratulations!

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