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Letter to the Editor: Ken Reid, Leesburg

August 18th, 2011

Leesburg Today

Dear Editor: Leesburg and Loudoun residents have a golden opportunity this Tuesday Aug. 23 to send one of our finest citizens to the General Assembly to secure action on transportation, schools, jobs and important legislation.

Please vote for Randy Minchew in the Primary Election Aug. 23.

I have known Randy since the late 1970s, through a mutual college friend, way before I moved to Leesburg. I know Randy as a man of integrity and commitment to God, family and community.

He has been Scoutmaster of the Leesburg Boy Scout Troop, very active in his church, St. James, and is an outstanding local attorney. As past chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, Randy has counseled and helped numerous Republicans get elected to office, and most notably, worked in Gov. McDonnell’s administration, which successfully secured $4 billion in transportation dollars for Virginia without raising taxes.

Without these funds, Chairman Scott York, who also supports Randy, could not have secured the funds to build the Sycolin Road/Leesburg Bypass overpass and the interchange at Route 7 and Belmont Ridge Road. Loudoun commuters will be better off with these improvements and we have to thank Gov. McDonnell, Chairman York and Randy Minchew for making it happen.

Because of Randy’s excellent connections with Gov. McDonnell, House Speaker Bill Howell and other top leaders in the Virginia House and Senate, he will not be relegated as a freshman backbencher who might find difficulties getting legislation passed. His connections and experience in Richmond will ensure Randy will help get financial aid for transportation and schools and needed legislation for our town and county.

Randy also has the support our distinguished Delegate Joe May. Working with Joe and other local leaders, Loudoun will benefit greatly.

Unfortunately, his opponent, John Whitbeck, has flooded the 10th district with outlandish mail pieces which often stretch the truth about Randy’s record. But when you do not have Randy’s record of accomplishments like on transportation and school proffers, it is easy to throw stones.

Randy Minchew, as delegate, will not stretch the truth and mislead his constituents. He is a straight shooter.

Voters should not be tricked by these attacks.Results matter, not rhetoric. Given our county’s needs, it would be a great loss if voters did not elect someone like Randy Minchew.

Ken Reid, Leesburg


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